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Donald Lee Campbell (1942-2012) exhibited at galleries and museums in such cities as New York, San Francisco, Chicago, London and Maastricht. He developed a unique, time-consuming, and detailed technique using graphite on gessoed board for some of his larger landscapes and figure paintings. For his works on paper, Campbell used watercolor paints and colored pencils. He turned some into limited editions of IRIS giclée prints, which use delicate watercolor inks.

Born and raised in Indiana, Donald Campbell attended the Herron School of Art in Indianapolis and obtained his MFA at the University of Arizona. He also studied at Yale Summer School of Painting in New Haven, Connecticut, and at Banff School of Fine Arts in Alberta, Canada. 
Although this website is mostly dedicated to Campbell's flower pictures, some of his other pictures are also visible in the “Adopted” section.

"I started making flower pictures several years ago after a severe illness that left me deeply depressed.  Walking past florist shops provided a momentary lift of spirits, so I decided to start painting flowers in the hope of getting out of my hole. Every day I would go to the florist, buy a flower, take it home, and paint it. The next day the same. The flowers were always painted full size in a container or vase of some sort. The current day's flower was placed next to that of the previous day and so on across the page, until the page was full. Then I would start another one.
After a while I began to be excited about what I was doing. The pages began to mount up and I could see progress. Then one day I realized that my hated hole was all but gone. Flower power? I don't know. But it worked and continues to work, and I continue to make flower pictures while expanding into other territories."

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